Bartender Choice: Pineapple-Carrot Sunshine Muffins

Bartender Choice: Pineapple-Carrot Sunshine Muffins

This is a V’con recipe since I did not have the soy berry that the recipe called 24, which I must admit since I am a professional bartender. I used dairy Vanilla yoghurt, and kept everything according to recipe. So we will call them “almost-Vegan Sunshine muffins”.

My boyfriend asked that I make half, so these were half pineapple/raisin, and half sunshine glory that was full-on. Amusingly enough, at the end I think that I did, he might have had more of the carrot kinds according to how old do you have to be to bartend.

As the writers warned these do not split into muffin tops that are enormous, they stay flat, and the muffin cups can fill. .as I did. (I was not going to undermine my muffin size in the title of caution!) I would tend to believe that’s user error rather than a mistake in their recipe, although they did wind up a gooey on the inside. Next time I will probably keep them in the oven for a couple of minutes before mixing the alcohol and beer.

These were summery and perfect life of bartender!

Does seem like it is talking to you???

They were even better slathered in lingonberry jam (yes it’s an Ikea merchandise, yes I am a corporate whore. . .and furthermore I have. . .happy now?)

I am still quite shocked that these came out so well, baking tends not to agree well with me…I suck at following instructions to becoming the bartender.


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